17 mars 2011

Tutorial ~ Folded Handbag Card

I've finally had time to make a tutorial on the folded handbag card. I don't know if there are any other tutorials on this kind of folded card. I have made mine after seeing Pia's handbag. I measured hers and made the tutorial that way. Thanks to Pia for the inspiration.

You will need:
  • 1 piece 12"x12" cardstock
  • 1 piece 10x19 cm cardstock
  • 2 pieces 9,5x18,5 cm patterned paper
  • 3 pieces 9,5x9,5 cm patterned paper
  • 4 pieces 9,5x9,5 cm patterned paper, to cut in 3 pieces each(see further down on how to cut)
  • 8 pieces 9,5x9,5 cm patterned paper, to cut in 2 pieces each(see further down on how to cut)
  • String/ ribbon/ magnets to close the handbag
  • Stamps of your choice
  • Ribbon for the strap
  • Embellies of your choice

You start of with one sheet of 12"x12" cardstock. Score and fold it at 4" on all 4 sides. You'll end up with 9 equal squares on the card.
In the 4 corner squares you need to score diagonally across the squares and fold at the scores you've made. The cardstock will look like this.
At 2 of the side squares you have to score like this. I did it by finding the middle and score from the mark down to the 2 corners. 
After that your piece of cardstock will look like this: 3 plain squares, 4 corners scored in half and 2 sqaures folded in three. 
Distress al pieces of patterned paper with Distress Ink Brushed Corduroy.
Take the 9,5x18,5 piece patterned paper and adhere it to the 10x19cm cardstock. Make a hole and fasten an eyelet. Put the string in before you adhere the last piece of 9,5x18,5 patterned paper to the back.
It will look like this on the back when you're finished. This way it will look nice to the inside of the handbag too :)
Adhere the piece of cardstock to the handbag. You do this to one of the flat squares on your cardstock.
On the square on the opposite side of the bag. You adhere a piece of 9,5x9,5 patterned paper to the outside. Then fasten an eyelet and add some string. I  glued the string to the cardstock with some tape before I added the other piece of 9,5x9,5 patterned paper.
Your handbag's closing mechanism should look like this now. You can also use magnets, buttons, ribbon etc for this. I used on this bag since I was out of magnets.
Adhere the last piece of 9,5x9,5 patterned paper to the bottom of the card, i.e. the square you see in the middle of this photo. Depending on what patterned paper you're using, make sure the patterns fit together so it looks nice on all sides of the handbag ;)
Cut 4 squares of 9,5x9,5 patterned paper. I used 2 different designs. 
Cut the 4 squares in 3 like shown in the picture. I found the middle of one of the edges, and from that mark I cut straight down to the two opposite corners.
Adhere the triangles to the inside of the bag.
And the rest to the outside of the bag.
Cut 8 pieces of 9,5x9,5 patterned paper. I used two different papers which match my other ones.
Cut them in half diagonally.
Adhere 8 of the triangles in pattern of your choice to the inside of the bag.
The las 8 pieces you use on the outside of the bag.
Add a stamp to the top square inside the bag. I also used a grunge corner stamp in the corners.
Add some rhinestones and stamps to the square in the middle.
For the strap I used a twill ribbon. I stamped it with different stamps to make more depth.
Adhere the strap to the lid. Now it's time to decorate the handbag with embellies of your choice.
Here's the pictures of my finished handbag. 
I used embellies and flowers from Inkido.
The handbag opens like this.
The inside of the handbag.
The outside of the handbag.

I hope you liked my tutorial and will try to make a handbag card yourself.

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Unknown sa...

WAUW what a great tutotial and your photograph explanation is wonderful.
Ageeth xx

lissy-hanne sa...

Den er bare god tak for det.

scrapkowa maniaczka - Dorota 71 sa...

Jakie fajne !!!
Postaram się zrobić.

Marita Johansson sa...

Wow wow wow
Som underbar tavla
Helt fantastiks

Anonym sa...

wonderful tutorial, thank you!

Carol Dee sa...

Oh I like this. Thank you for the clear directions.

Stephi sa...

super snygg

Anonym sa...

Your tutorial is AWESOME!! got to have a go at this one some time too!!
Thanks to Navy wife for pointing me in this direction!! :0)

Jan Hunnicutt sa...

This is wonderful, I can't wait to try it! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome creativity with us!

Lisa sa...

Helt fantastisk! Ska helt klart testa detta :)

SallyB. sa...

thanks for this tutorial, it´s on my to do list

Nina sa...

Wow, wow, what a great tutorial
Thank you for your clear explanation.
I try it this days. If you like to see it, come over
It was fun to do it.
Thanks again.

Miriam sa...

What a wonderful idea! I just had to try it for a very nice lady in my office. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! May I show my bag on my blog (momentan.blogspot.com) and make a link to yours? Would be published on the 15th of October.
Hugs, Miriam

Lisa-olsi sa...

Tack för en inspirerande väska och tutorial.
Jag har gjort en väska
och jag kommer att göra flera :)
Ha det gott!