15 augusti 2013

Back to basic inking with Inkido stamps, Ink and Tags!

Sometimes we need to get back to our basic techniques and just play with simple supplies! I want to show how I created tags for a Mini album. The album will just be important words to be reminded of. By creating clean and simple backgrounds my words will show and be the focal point.

You need Tags, Ink in different colors and stamps. I think it´s nice with text stamps as backgrounds.
I chose a Butterfly and some lyrics.
Before you stamp on the Tag stamp a couple of times on a scrap paper to dab off some ink. You want a very light print.
Then you stamp in very black. Add some meaningful words.
On this Tag I stamped both the lyric and parts of the Butterfly very light.
It would be almost impossible to mask this kind of work. But in this way you get a very cool effect!
Here I did another tag but this time in brown but in the same technique.

Hope you liked my guide to get back to basic techniques!

Hugs from Ulrika aka LillBlomman!
For my project I used following supplies from Inkido:

7 kommentarer:

Bente Fagerberg sa...

Your tags look gorgeous my friend!! Great idea!!


Love the bloom tag, Ulrika!

Юлич sa...

Потрясающая идея! Спасибо за вдохновение :)

Kajsan sa...

Very nice and so good to go back to basics sometimes! :)

Val-Belle sa...

So true, sometimes we are so focused on adding more that we forget sometimes that we should just get back to basics... these tags are so pretty.... love the idea of stamping OFF to get a lighter imprint... Thank you for reminding me :D

Bellaidea sa...

so cool!

Elin Larsson sa...

Så kul att se!!! Tack för inspirationen