21 november 2013

Two Christmas cards

Only a month left to until Christmas and still so many cards to create! Lucky for me my work is so much more fun when I´m working with this wonderful papers! On my two cards today I will lay focus at the Santa Clause pictures.

This lovely Santa fits very nice with the grayish blue paper.

On my next card the Santa is in brown and green colors.

I like to work with 3d pads and many layers for more depth.

Hugs from Ulrika aka LillBlomman!

For my Christmas cards I used these papers:

4 kommentarer:

Elaine coustley sa...

the Christmas cards are fantastic, love the old vintage type Santa & the colours great combination. x

Bellaidea sa...

They look great!

Zanka sa...

The colours are so elegant! Beautiful cards!

Ella Swan sa...

Always wonderful cards ulrika!