10 februari 2014


Hi , it's Stéphanie here, and i come back  with a great pleasure to show you my new layout  for our february challenge ! It's not a long time ago I am there but I've noticed that Inkido mood boards are very rich.
Indeed, look at all these little images! there's something for everyone! I love discovering a new table! I explain  you how I find my inspiration for my new pages:
I first look at all the colors, and I wonder if I can use all  colors, and if I find that the result can be interesting. After I look at the pictures one by one, and again I look at their dominant colors : and I wonder is there a picture
that attracts me more than another ? Also, I am looking for small details, often forms, elements of size, large or small can be found, we still can find items that you love. Mood board are very interesting to begin a new page. This a great source of inspiration.
Often, this is how we come to make pages with elements or colors that we often do not work! I think it makes our creativity even greater !

So I, I must now tell you what inspired me here?
The colors! I tell you right now, I am a very big fan of  contrasting colors games ! I loved this cake probably with  strawberry, blackberry and whipped cream! Seeing these colors, I already imagine my page!

 To achieve my page, I went in search of pink paper only because I knew that my  background would be white, because I had to introduce this color on my page, depending on  the mood board. I also knew I would have no difficulty in introducing black on my page, with stamps in black ink and the addition of masking tape here and there. 

These small butterflies ready to be cut, were great for my page! so I selected some butterflies of different sizes, whole butterflies and moths that I deliberately cut. I have them  stuck around on my page. I applied  gesso here and there to soften the whole, to create contrasts again, to add texture in  some places.

 I hope you enjoy my interpretation, and I hope to see here many beautiful pages inspired by our mood board, I look forward to see yours soon, you have until February 30th.  to offer us your page!

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6 kommentarer:

Mia sa...

So beautiful!

Camilla sa...

Wow, this looks great! Thank you so much for the inspiration:D

Val-Belle sa...

This is just a stunning layout I love it

corinne de france MARCH sa...

magnifique page , je suis fan !

Bellaidea sa...

great design!

Hera sa...

WOW WOW WOW!!! I loooooove everything you do!!! You are so talented, my friend... trust me!!! Kisses with love...