25 februari 2014

Minialbum with tutorial

Hello and welcome to another beautiful day here at the Inkido blog! Today I would like to show you a mini album that I´ve made by the beautiful papers of Inkido. I will also guide you through a tutorial of the mini album so you can make one yourself! 
I will start by showing you the front of the album. I have used Modeling paste and mist on the background and the flowers. 

 This is how the mini album looks like when you open it. 

 So... Time for the tutorial! Are you ready??

You need:
One 12 x 6 piece of cardstock (colour)
three 12 x 5.75 pieces of cardstock (colour)
two 5.5 x 5.5 pieces of cardstock (colour)

Take the cardstock piece that measures 12 x 6 inches. Score and old it at 3 inches and 2 ½ inches from each end. This piece will be a part of the cover on the mini album.

Now take the three 12 x 5 ¾  pieces and score and fold them at 3 inches from each end. These pieces will be the insides of the mini album. 

Adhere the three 12 x 5 ¾ pieces together to make a paper chain.

 It should look like this when complete.

Adhere the center of your paper chain to the center of your scored and folded 12 x 6 piece of cardstock. It should fit perfectly edge to edge in the center.

 Take your two 5 ½ x 5 ½ pieces of cardstock and adhere to the outer flaps of the 12 x 6 cardstock leaving an even boarder around all three edges.

Now the mini album is ready for pattern paper and decorations.

Good luck with your mini!

Finally I would also like to show you a mixed media canvas I have made. I have used papers, acrylics and mists to get the final result.

3 kommentarer:

Bellaidea sa...

Wow, great projects, so much work! Thank you so much!

Hera sa...

This is completely beautiful!!!

KFE Design sa...

Det er er helt fantastisk. Tusind tak for inspiration og ikke mindst at der er en tutorial.