24 mars 2014


Hi everbody !

I come today on Inkido to share with you my new spring layout, made with our new spring collection, named "Spring time" ! It's always a great pleasure to work with new papers, with new colours, designs ...  This collection is great to start to scrap our springphotos ; indeed, there are warmer colors with very representative  designs of the season, like  Easter, butterflies ...

For my layout, i've prepared for you  a tutorial  which explain a little how i made this layout . It can give you some inspiration to use our papers or otherwise to understand  how, from  the begin to the end, i build my page.
Here is my layout for march !

 STEP BY STEP "How to build this  page?" :

This layout require not much material : papers and some material you have certainly in your scraproom like stamps, stencil,  ink, paint, ...
I begin to chose my papers and some stencil that i would to use.

I choose some colors of ink, those are coordinated to my papers. And I use my stencils in several areas on my page.


  In general, I enjoy to use frame  for my photos on my pages. Then when I saw this sheet "Valentine hearts", I immediately noticed this beautiful designs on the frame that i like. So I removed the design within the frame and i cut this part carefully.

 With a piece of 'cut'n dry i apply some brown ink on the boards of the frame.

   Here, you can see, i begin to stamp here or there with different design.  As always, at the end of my finished work, we don't see always all my stamps ;)  it's the principle  of the creation of the background page ! it give only a idea  for the begin of my page.

 On this close-up, we can see  how i play with colours.  Once the first colours applied, i use again other colours with the same stencil, and i get an overlayering of colours   on my design. I use then a pen black, i draw the outline of the design aproximately.

I create my layout with different papers, i  often use a borderpunch   for one or more papers.

 Here is time to bring some texture on my page ! i apply aproximately gesso on my design, and  on other papers modeling paste with another stencil.

With a black pen, I accentuate the  already drawn lines of the design.

Time to apply  white acrylic  with stamp on papers.



Always at the end of my work, i throw a few drops of ink on my page.

  Here is how i build  my 'spring'page !
i hope , this can help you to begin your page, to bring you some inspiration, other idea ... I hope you like it too !  

Supplies :
Easter Tags (25) Hearts (25)Spring Sweetie (25)
 Sweet Song (25)

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Lizzyc sa...

Your layout is beautiful, and I enjoyed your step by steps too. Thanks so much!

Sabrina Scrapbook sa...

Such an amazing tutorial and that's one gorgeous page! :)

corinne de france MARCH sa...

oui j'aime ! merci

KarenB sa...

This is stunning, thank you for sharing your creative process. I have learnt a lot!

Bellaidea sa...

Great tutorial and a beautiful page!