19 april 2014

Before Easter

Today it's my turn to show you my interpretation of aprils moodboard. 
This month is all about roots and traditions, 
At Easter in Poland, children receive a lot of sweets. 
It is important to have a nice package, so I prepared today.
 With our moodboard April chose a rooster.
The second project is exploding box-instead of Easter card.
This is our moodboard for april;
                                          I invite you to take part in the challenge in April.
                                                        I wish you all Happy Easter.
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3 kommentarer:

Алексровер Анна sa...

Happy Easter! Wonderful works!!!!!

Hera sa...

Fabulous projects, Irena! Completely in love with!Congratulations and a wonderful Easter, for everybody!

Bellaidea sa...