10 juli 2010

Vårt internationella designteam

Nu har det blivit dags att presentera tre nya medlemmar i vårt designteam...Varmt välkomna säger vi till;

Let us proudly present our international designteam, a warm welcome to;

Kiki - France
Jona - Philippines
Monique - Netherlands

Tjejerna ska själva få presentera sig närmare i ett inlägg inom snar framtid!

3 kommentarer:

Monique sa...

Wohoo!! I'm so happy and honored you chose me!! Thank you!!!

Anonym sa...

soooo much fun to be part of this wonderful design team and so honoured!
can't wait to start, love from France and congrats to all the other dt members!
Love, Kiki.
Don't have a blog yet but will do it asap...

jonaks sa...

I am so happy and honored to be a part of your design team!