13 januari 2012

Inkido Design Team - Welcome Agnieszka!

My name is Agnieszka but in the scrapbooking world I go by Bellaidea.

Together with my husband - I'm still dating him - we're taking care of our two treasures - a Girl and a Boy.

I love travelling, taking photos, oranges and African bush aroma, cheesecake with real vanilla, Pavlova dessert, old; books, pictures and houses, trips with friends to Italy, evenings by the fireplace, milk chocolate from Lindl, mystery perfumes, nut ice-creams, reading books to my children(no matter they can read by themselves), audiobooks during long distance drives, praising people for their talent and creativity and meeting with other nice ladies for a cup of coffee.

I scrapbook for many reasons-to preserve memories, to make my kids remember I always care about them, to have MY time when I need it, to keep in touch with all my scrap-friend all over the world.

My style is eclectic , part of romantic, touch of whimsy,I like to use lace, fabric, chipbords, doillies, torned corners, fussy cutting etc but never forget the most important is the photo and a story. Sometimes I hide my journaling when it`s very personal...

I design my favourite 12×12 Lo's for several websites. It satisfies me strongly. I`m very happy I can design now for INKIDO! When I saw for the very first time your products I was very impressed!

I`m to thankful to my friend for introducing me to you!
Thank you very much for invitation, I hope you will like my work:).
I love challenges and I often take part in them. Sometimes the effects are really surprising.

I cordially invite you to my blog, where you can find out what I'm doing at late night when my family members're sleeping: http://bellaideascrapology.blogspot.com/

6 kommentarer:

malflu sa...

Jak miło widzieć znajomą twarz :-)))Gratuluję i życzę twórczej i kreatywnej pracy w DT - czekam z niecierpliwością na Twoje cudne LO

malflu sa...

Jak miło widzieć znajomą twarz :-)))Gratuluję i życzę twórczej i kreatywnej pracy w DT - czekam z niecierpliwością na Twoje cudne LO

Maryann sa...

Welcome to all you new designers here. I´m soo looking forward to see a lot of all your different work here, that´s for sure, and look forward to see, what you´ll all have to show andteach us inhere in the comming time. It´s sooo exiting. Hope you´ll get as much fun here as we have.

Dorthe sa...

Congrats to you :) I did know your blog from earlier, and im so looking forward to see your beautiful creations in here too. :)

Bellaidea sa...

Thank you so much for such a nice wellcome.
I`m looking forward to work with you and designing from beautiful products from Inkido.
I`m so thankful my friend show me this place!
By the way, I love Friday`s 13th! It`s my lucky day! I met my DH on the 13th/Friday.

Jona Panesa sa...

you've got a lovely name. finally learned your real name. congrats my dear.