06 februari 2012

*NEWS* Spring Time Baby #3

Här är ett annat babykort med de nya papprena i storlek 6x6.

Here is another baby card with the new papers Spring Time 6x6.

Även här har jag matchat med massor av matchande produkter från Papercraftscandinavias sortiment.

Also on this card have I matched with products from Papercraftscandinavias sortiment.

Hälsningar från Lisa

Greetings from Lisa

3 kommentarer:

Bellaidea sa...

This is very sweet card!

Birgit sa...

I often find that most baby card that I see, is just... too cute. I do not like it at all. Here you have actually done well with the colors and decorations, the best I've seen in a while.
Hugs, Birgit.

Gitte sa...

Beautiful babycard.