13 mars 2012

My Little Sunshine rose.....

*NEW* Sunshine paper
 Pink and red roses and blue flowers are great to the papers!
You can see a Forever Collection 6x6 paper in the bottom...

I have done a closeing of the car with a tag and one hole to put a lace throw.
It is my own idé never seen it before but some how is more experience than me to fold cards must have found it out before...

It was not so hard to fold and the Papercraftscandinavia paper collection sunshine Blue rose is perfect for this!
The stamp i have use are one photostamp from Inkido and this and flowers ou can buy at
Papercraftscandinavia how Whole sale word wide ho shops!

Hugs from  Petraso

2 kommentarer:

Birgit sa...

Oh...! This is just a perfect match between papers and flowers, really nice design.

Bellaidea sa...

very nice!