26 januari 2013

Emeline loves Inkido flowers and some more...

Hi all !
This is my first post and I'm really VERY Excited to create with Inkido's products!
I'll like to share with you what had my heart skipped a beat! (Or maybe two...).

This piece of pattern paper (Sunshine - Blue Bouquet) speaks volume to me!
The beautiful cluster of flower, shabby background and down to the postal stamp at the top right hand corner inspires a paper crafter.

and most girls like pink right? Inkido doesn't disappoint with a pink version ! 

 Have a look HERE too!
 Care to have some mini roses to match? These mini roses are made from mulberry paper and measures 1 cm across. Some love mini roses if you check it out HERE.
I love them all! 

 To me, white is an essential color. These white leaves are simply classic and elegant!

 How about you? Let us know which is your favorite pattern paper! We'll love to hear from you too.

By the way, do you know our new collection Beautiful Memories ?

3 kommentarer:

Zanka sa...

You picked some real stunners! I love those too :)))

Bellaidea sa...

We definitly have some fav`s the same:)

Unknown sa...

Love the flower's and paper so gorgeous love with the flowers