28 januari 2013

Vintage Favorites

Hello.   Jennifer Snyder here to show you a few of my favorite products from Inkido . There is too much to show so I had to shorten my list  for this post (yeah hard to do when all the products are amazing).  

I love vintage art.  I love the appeal and the look of days long since past.  I often gaze into a photo and think about the clothing, the hairstyles, the culture from that era. Inkido has captured the look and feel so perfectly in their products. 

It's fitting for me to be drawn to some of the gorgeous delicate laces from Inkido,  and the beautiful flowers that will fit onto my page as if they were pieces right from the photo.

I hope these little previews will get your mind working and thinking about all the ways you can use Inkido to enhance your art.  

Thanks for looking.  Stop back tomorrow for more inspiration.

5 kommentarer:

Kelly Foster sa...

Great choices, Jennifer, some of my faves as well!!

Sandie Edwards sa...

Such a glorious lot of products, love them all!

Maryann sa...

Oh yeah this is definitely also some of my faves too. These laces are absolutely gorgeous and I just so LOVE them.

Sandi Cl~ sa...

Yes, all great choices!

carlies sa...

wow love so the stunning products love so vintage