02 mars 2013

Inkido Blog Hop!

Welcome to Inkido Blog Hop!
We all could not wait to organize it!
We would like to show you some of our products, inspire you by our fantastc DT , give you a chance to win great prizes and find out some more about our DT.
This is what you can winn. You know our paper collection but did you know we have so many stamps too?
This nice set will go to one lucky winner from Europe;

Another one will go somewhere else.

Just visit all blogs of our DT members /all links below/, tell them if you like what thay do and if you will like what thay do - start following them. We hope you will follow Inkido blog too!
Your last stop will be here again, let us know if you had fun!
 Let us know your ideas for the  next Hop, we may do it!

Please remember  about our new Challenge where you can winn ...yes, more stamps! DT Kelly has a great idea.

Play "like and share" on Facebok page for the 3rd time !
 On Feb 9th we showed  you what you can winn, look for this photo, like and share.

Your first stop - Bellaidea's blog

All blogs to visit:

Agnieszka Bellaidea













30 kommentarer:

IrinaR sa...

Good morning! Thanks for the blog hop! thanks for the idea with the questions - it was very interesting to read the responses to learning something themselves. Meet new masters scrap was familiar with some of the past. These magnificent works at all!! Thank you!

IrinaR sa...

Да, еще, на Facebook, тоже отметилась.

Анастасия Барчан sa...

With great pleasure will participate in the blog hop!Thanks for the opportunity!:)

Анастасия Барчан sa...

Добрый день!У всех побывала,на всех кого могла-подписалась=)С удовольствием приму участие в блог-хопе,спасибо за шанс!:D

English Teacher Jurgita sa...

Thank you for a chance to meet new intereting scrappers.I've visited all the blogs, however, I wasn't able to leave a comment on http://www.lariscrap.typepad.com/ due to some technical reasons.

Lelishna sa...

Thanks for the blog hop! Hosted by blog designers! With pleasure added to the followers!

Happiness and inspiration to you!

Myriam Mirabelle sa...

une très belle idée

Myriam Mirabelle sa...

Belle initiative

Виктория Азарова sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Iryna Kittsteiner sa...

Hallo!! Vielen Dank für den tollen Blog-Hop! Ich war bei allen Designer und habe alle wunderschöne Werke kommentiert, ich bin jetzt auch Follower bei allen Designer! Auf facebok habe ich die Seite mit like markiert.

Виктория Азарова sa...

С удовольствием познакомилась с работами мастеров. Очень понравились ответы девочек на вопросы. Спасибо за шанс выиграть.

Buffy Esser sa...

Wonderful hop full of some really talented people and some awesome inspiration! thank you so much!

Margie sa...

Beautiful stamps!

Dana Tatar {datatar} sa...

Thanks for an amazing hop!

Kathy Mosher sa...

Hi! I had such a great time visiting all the blogs and got so much inspriation from some scrappers I did not know. Thank you for sponsoring this hop. Your prizes are amazing!!!

Bellaidea sa...

Hi! I can not wait to see all your lovely projects girls, going to Hop now!

Helen sa...

У всех побывала в гостях. С удовольствием буду знакомиться с творчеством мастериц!! Прекрасные работы!
Штампы чудесные! Спасибо за шанс!

Michelle Logan sa...

Great hop full of very talented ladies! Well done.

MichelleMc sa...

Such a fun hop, full of beautifully inspiring work! Thanks so much! I enjoyed it!

Beatrice Lawson sa...

So fun to see the projects but also to read about the designers... I always wondered if I am the only one to drink coffee while I scrap (and I try to keep it on a different table, to avoid accidents) and it was great to read all the answers.

Davi sa...

Awesome Blog HOp, enjoyed seeing all the fabulous creations by such talented ladies ;)

Ida Pingvino sa...

Had a fantastic hop! liked ur fb page as well ;)

Cherished sa...

I enjoyed the blog hop. So Much inspiration. You have a wonderful and talented Design Team. I loved the get to know you questions. What a great idea. Thanks for the lovely blog hop.

T Young sa...

I just completed the hop and must say, it was a wonderful one. A lot of ladies that were new to me, which is fantastic. I have some more places for inspiration as they were all very talented. Thanks for the adventure!

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder sa...

Just hopping around having fun and admiring all the gorgeous Inkido pieces of art. This was a ton of fun and I loved reading a bit from everyone.

MEGHA-DT and free lancer at KB. sa...

happy to be participant here ,starting hop ...with fingers crossed.

MEGHA-DT and free lancer at KB. sa...

hey ..hi ..hopped to all brilliant scrappers .they all are awesome . nice to know about them via questions .love the hop. followed all of them,and fullfilled all crieteria you and all asked.

Ava Gavloski sa...

great hop with a lovely inspirational journey, discovering talent everywhere
ava g

English Teacher Jurgita sa...

Visited everybody, commented everywhere :) Thank you for the chance to win as well as to see so much new!

English Teacher Jurgita sa...