09 april 2013

GD Marianne

It's Bellaidea today with our new guest, Marianne!
She had a very cool idea about the  projects she made for us with Inkido products.
Marianne Ehlen 48 years, It´s so funny but I really didn´t know my age because I thought I was 2 years younger untill today..:) and we are living in a little place called Härkeberga in Enköping,

My lovely family who supported me to do scrapbooking is Ulf (husband) Ebba 13 1/2 years old, Abbe 10 1/2 years old and my "baby" Ebbe he is 9 years old.
(yes it is very important thoose 1/2 years, hihi)

I started with scrapbooking (seriously) summer 2006 and then I was hooked!!

I loved to do everything in scrapbooking, art, mixed media but NEVER EVER doing Cards, Well I have some Card Classes but It´s not my "thing"..

I got my inspirations from my kids, they are 3 pesons with 3 really different personalitys so everyday is another day, never the same!
Then I really loved to take photos. Specially Headshots.

I Think that faces have an own language.
I feel so good when I find the "special thing" in photos of my kids. I think It´s only me who can see the little things in every photo!

Then I'am thinking to study some english because this was the hardest I ever done in a long time :) big smile !!

Hopefully you can read and understand what I´m writing!

I Want To say Thanks to PaperCraft in Scandinavia and Fantastic Agnieszka that I have been a guest designer, Iám so proud over that!!

My link to my blog (it´s an old one and Iám working on a new one)

I have used white cardstock
Pattern paper: Beautiful beige, Beautiful grey, Beautiful blue, Beautiful pink, Beige Anemon, Blue Butterflys, Pink Butterflies,
Pink Memories

Dekorations;  Hortensia small pinkMullberry roses small nougat

Mullberry rosebud small pink, Bling white, Lace black and lace flower black, Organza beige
You can find all those products HERE 
You can aslo ask your LSS to order our products.

Marianne, thank you so much for your beautiful work, we loved what you made with Inkido products!

9 kommentarer:

Bente Fagerberg sa...

Så underbart fina projekt du har skapat Marianne. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful creations with us!! :-)


Beautiful projects, Marianne!

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder sa...

Gorgeous work - I love seeing your style.

Bellaidea sa...

great projectsyou so much!

Sandi Cl~ sa...

So lovely!

Ulrika aka LillBlomman sa...

It´s such a pleasure to see your beutiful work here Marianne! Hugs!

Jozebelle sa...

Lovely work!

Marianne Ehlen sa...

Tack Snälla!
Era fina ord värmer ända in i själen !

Thanks everyone, feel happy and my heart is singing :)

Kelly Foster sa...

Your projects are SO gorgeous!!! Wow!!!