11 april 2013

Såpbubblor with tutorial!

Den här månaden gästar Inkidos designteam en inspirations blogg som heter Berry71Bleu. Dagens layout har jag skapat dit. Jag bjuder också på en liten tutorial om hur du använder White wash tekniken.

The Inkido Design team are guesting Berry71Bleu this month. My page for today is made for that post. I also have a little tutorial about White wash for you today.

Du behöver Gesso, pensel/fingrar och våtservetter. Våtservetterna får inte vara för blöta.

You need Gesso, brush/fingers and baby wipes. Make sure that the baby wipes are not too wet.

Apply Gesso on your page or project.
Wipe the Gesso off to desired effect.
Here you can see my page with all the light areas.
And when we already at it lets give the flowers some white highlighs too.

Here is my finished page. Lot´s of nice supplies from Inkido.
I applied some Gesso on my photos to make them lighter.
I really like this color combo!
I used green mist for the green lace.
At the corners I stamped in green with two different stamps.

Hugs from Ulrika/LillBlomman!

For this project following Inkido products was used:

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I loved this page when I saw it on the Berry71Bleu blog! Great job, Ulrika.

Kelly Foster sa...

This page is SO beautiful!!!! Love your tutorial!!

Zanka sa...

Thanks for inspiration, I love gesso but I use the whitewash techniques too seldom! Love your playful design!!!