20 juni 2013

Very red and sweet pink!

 I have a long blog post for you today! Hope you will stay on all the way down ;) Tomorrow the people of Sweden will celebrate "Midsommarafton" that´s a big celebration of the summer! We eat traditional summer food and dance silly dances around a big cross that we embillishment with green leafs and flowers. Sounds a bit crazy but I love this holiday!

Next page is a much softer one. Here I used the new and totally gorgeous collection Beutiful Memories II. I used a Stencil and white Gesso to get a light and airy feeling. Last I sprinkled my page with pink Rhinestones.

Hugs from Ulrika aka LillBlomman!

Here is some of the supplies from Inkido that I used for my pages:

4 kommentarer:


Your style is so diverse, Ulrika. Bold & bright sometimes, Soft & dreamy sometimes...both are lovely!

Kelly Foster sa...

Both of your pages are very different, but equally gorgeous!!

Helen Tilbury sa...

So jealous of all those art supplies Ulrika!!!

Sabrina Sulaiman sa...

Gorgeous pages from you! Hope you have enjoyed your day! :)