23 oktober 2013

An Altered Box by Helen Tilbury using Beautiful Inkido Blooms!

Hello again Inkido fans :)
I know I cannot be the ONLY one to love these Inkido flowers?
Aaah!  I didn't think so!!
They are simply GORGEOUS - too gorgeous to keep for only Inkido projects - 
one must use them EVERYWHERE!!

PP Harmony Flowers olive (6)

Which brings me to this box I made a while back...

I used the beautiful Harmony flowers - I am ashamed
to say I may have used a whole pack!!  Hmmmmm....

I couldn't help myself...they make for the most decadent embellishing!

In fact, one pack just wasn't enough!!  I even added some Tiffany Jewels!

PP Tiffany Jewels blue (6)

The thing with Inkido embellishments...
You can create a simple project then make it look FANCY really quickly!!
{That is my sneaky tip for the day!}

If this box interest you you can see more of it HERE on my blog.
I hope I have inspired you today to be free with Inkido blooms :)

2 kommentarer:

Ulrika aka LillBlomman sa...

Mmmmm I love those flowers also! One gorgeous box Helen!!! Hugs!

Sabrina Scrapbook sa...

Yeah those flowers are beautiful! Gorgeous work, Helen! :)