07 augusti 2010


It was with great pleasure to share my very first Inkido project using the Autumn Papers designed by Kristine. I love to mix the paper lines and still got a fabulous outcome. I used papers Angella and Jannhild from the Autumn Frriendship, Tailored Stripe from Autumn Wardrobe, Bordeaux and Rose Dust from Tuva.

I don't experience Autumn, Winter and Fall here in the Philippines. But these lines are perfect for any occasion and I chose to use these in these photos of my nephew. I clustered the flowers and pearls and I wouldn't forget the cute metal embellishment with a pearl on it.

Best regards,


3 kommentarer:

Monique sa...

Gorgeous layout Jona!! Love your design and how you created the swirls!

Petraso sa...

Mabohay Jona!!
i don´t no if i write right but welcome to us!!!
I understande some tagalog ;)
me and my man have lots of phillipines friends!

jonaks sa...

thanks for the welcome. You just mispelled the Mabuhay! Now, I'm trying to learn a few sweddish.