13 november 2010

Very Dutch!

I printed these photo ages ago, but never had the right papers to scrap them... until now that is!! Here's my son in a huge clog right on our market place in the city centre of Delft. This clog stands in front of a tourist shop and whenever we pass the store there are always children sitting in it; kids from tourists, but Dutch kids as well.

A few close-ups:

Materials used: patterned paper: Autumn Friendship (Angella), Christmas Elegance (Elegant Stripes & Tags and Banners), Mathea (Burnt Orange), Autumn Wardrobe (Knitted Owls), white cardstock, corrugated cardstock, pins, ribbon and a stamp.  

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Petraso sa...

WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! So Dutch!!! And so fab!!!!

Zarah sa...

Super duper COOL!

Sonja sa...


Jona Panesa sa...

so very lovely Monique!!! loved the handmade flower.