19 februari 2011

Gift Bag

Remember the free paper bag I got in a Dänish shop I told you about in my previous blog post??? Well I decided to turn it into an Inkido Gift Bag!!

And a close up: 

Materials I used: Patterned Paper: Drömmar (Ruta Beige), Gammaldags Jul (Julhjartan), Apples (Cox Orange), Mathea (Golden Glow), Christmas Elegance (Elegant Stripes), Mathea (Coral), then 3 different ribbons, pins, a charm and a stamp.

The bag is perfect to give someone a gift card or a (little) book.
To close the bag I folded the top half, punched two holes in it and wrapped a ribbon through it. Easy!!

Thanks for visiting the Inkido blog today and hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!

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