14 maj 2013

GD Carla!

It's time for a new GDT today.
Do you know Carla?
I think you do but if not here is some info about her;

    I'm Carla Marchee and I am 41 years old. I live in  the Netherlands,together with my husband Marcel
and my two children. I am blessed to have two sons: one is 10 years old and the other one is 13.
I am a scrapaholic!! I love everything about this hobby...the fact that I am preserving precious memories, and love photography.
 Seven years ago I started scrapbooking after reading about this hobby on the internet. I was hooked immediately: I have always loved to work with pictures and making picture off my boy's and had several other hobby's but scrapbooking became my passion.
I love the paper with flower designs and what a pleasure  is to cut, tear and distress papers.  I do also use flowers on boy's layouts, because I definitely think that should be OK for a boy .I always try to improve my work, I try to invent new techniques and new ways to get the details even better.
Presently I am on the Designteam  My Creative Scrapbook

             My blog:http://carliesscraplife.blogspot.nl/

Lace white
Pink Memories
Blue Angels
Blue Butterflies
Butterflies Borders
Beautiful Blue
Beige Flowers (
Blue Butterflies
Medium roses
Mulberry rosebud light pink
Beautiful Beige
Beige Flowers ( (2)
Blue Angels (2)
Blue Butterflies (3)
Butterflies Borders (2)
Clear Rhinestones
Gardenia with leaf Cerise
 Thank you Carla! We love what you did with Inkido products, pleasesend us some more projects in the future!

4 kommentarer:

Wilma Voermans sa...

Beautiful layouts carla, I always like your pages, sometimes full of color and sometimes soft!

Bente Fagerberg sa...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pages with us Carla!! I love them! :-)

eMeLiNe Seet sa...

SO Beautiful, Carla !! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous creations =)

Heather Jacob sa...

stunning work and stunning papers, love what you have created x