15 maj 2013

Little card by Agnieszka Bellaidea and lots of information

It's Bellaidea today with one little card only:) but I have aslo some information for you.
I am waiting for my new DT parcel with the newest Inkido collection and can not wait to play with it!
I aslo made several projects for Summer already.
Can not wait to tell you aslo about great cooperation Inkido will have very soon with several blog's challenges.
Our DT is making many beautiful projects for it.
Congratulations to winners of our April challenge, Wilma  and Facebook page "like and share" game, Liesbeth Sprangers Akkermans.

We had results on Facebook page but I aslo would like to inform you about it here, I hope those girls will contact us soon:).
I wish you a good day m best regards!

2 kommentarer:

Wilma Voermans sa...

Oh wow, I was looking on the blog or you have a nice mai challenge and tadaaaaaa , there is my page in full glory. Never expected that with this layout. It was so fun to make,from saterday on sunday, boys away like usual in the weekend and I was just playing around with paints and stuff enjoying good music! Thanks, I am very happy to get the winners badge!!!

Wilma Voermans sa...

I cant come in facebook, it is just not working the last days. here is my mailadress: wilmavoermans@hotmail.com

Me a GD here, yeah, so honored!