07 maj 2013

GD Christin!

Today I have a pleasure to show you two projects from my friend and our Guest, Christin!

Christin Grønnslett here. I am a 39 year old living in around 40 km south of Oslo with husband and kids (3 and almost 6) - Anea and Troy.   I first came into contact with scrapbooking 11 years ago after a brief stay in the US when I wanted to document our travels when I got home. I starting to look for inspiration and I search and shopped for years, even had my own room for years before I actually started scrapbooking something for myself - I mostly made albums as gifts to friends and family. But in 2008 my life changed, I met the world of cropping, and I loved getting to know new scrapbook friends and see IRL what other people was making, and from then on I started to scrapbook more often and after the birth of our daughter in 2009 I started to scrapbook a little every day and now I can't imagine just hanging out on the couch anymore when the kids are asleep - I want to scrap instead.  

I started out as a pretty clean and simple scrapper, even though I bought tons of flowers, I couldn't relly get it to work for me. In a way I still think my style have just evolved in that I still don't use many flowers, I like clean and fresh colors. What has changed is that I have included more layers of paper and other materials and that I have more mixed media products on my page.  I have huge problems making a layout where I can't have white space.  I always want the photo to be my focal point and I feel that filling up a page with lots of paper and lots of decos draw the eyes away from my photos.   I will in a way try and show you my creative process in a few layouts.

I am lucky enought to design for Pink Paislee, Papirdesign, Zva Creative, The Color Room, Scrap Around the World and a Norwegian store called Gode Minner.

My blog
http://umenorskan.blogspot.com   (If you ever wondered why my nickname is challed Umenorskan, well, it's because when I in 2008 needed a new nick for a forum I made it from the fact that I was a Norwegian girl (Norskan in Swedish) and that I was living in Umeå (called Ume locally) therefor - Umenorskan.     Now what I have moved back to Norway I don't want to change that, it's just part of my history)

Thank you so much for having me as your guest, it's so fun to try out different style of materials to expand my scrap style.

In these layouts I want to somehow show you a little of my creative process and see the different layers on my pages.


I usually start with a white canvas as a base.

For the background I have used distress ink with stencils, different stamps and glimmers mist as droplets and adding some water to let it drip down the page. 

Here is the final result with several layers of paterned paper and some lace. 
Some closeups

Pink Project

Even though I prefer to start with a white cardstock as a base for my layouts I also enjoy working with papers that are neutral with not so much patterns on as here - with lovely pink stars.  For the background here I have used a stencils, super heavy gesso and a spatula. 

After I covered the paper with gesso I also added some stamped areas, and more areas with pink or brown distress ink together with stencils.   

If you see in the bottom right corner you will also see that I have added some more stamps to area - including a Inkido swirl stamp.  The same stamps can also bee seen up the the top left corner of my layers. 

Here are som close ups. You can see that I have colored the  flowers using mists, gesso and different acrylic paints. 

Products used on these two layouts 
White lace
Beautiful Pink (Beautiful Memories)
Pink Butterflies (Beautiful Memories)
Pink Babies (Beautiful Memories)
Pink Memories  (Beautiful Memories)
Blue Angels   (Beautiful Memories)
Blue Butterflies   (Beautiful Memories)
Beautiful Blue  (Beautiful Memories)
Whatever...: Corner 1 stamp
Fashion Flowers

Thank you so much for those lovely projects!
I hope you will visit us again soon:)

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lillesmor sa...

Nydelige loer Christin. Fallt spesielt for den rosa <3

Denise sa...

How fun to see inside how you create Christin. You are wonderfully talented.

Denise sa...

How fun to see inside how you create Christin. You are wonderfully talented.

Dobre Czasy sa...

Witaj-ale tu pięknie.Pozdrawiam i rozgoszczę się na dłużej.Piękne rzeczy tworzysz.W wolnej chwili zapraszam w odwiedzinki do Dobrych Czasów.J.


Beautiful Projects! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

Ulrika aka LillBlomman sa...

Så fina layouter Christin! Härligt att få ha dig som gäst hos oss! Kram!