30 september 2013

Utforsker - a Winterish Layout

Hello! It's Yasmin here on the blog today and I have a winterish layout to show you. But it's not really about winter. I got to say I love the versatile papers in the new collection.
We try to get out of the house on christmas eve to do some activites and last christmas we went on a small hike with our boys. My oldest son is an explorer at heart and he loves looking under stones and figureing out how things work. So this layout is about him being an explorer on christmas eve morning.
I'm sooo in love with this background paper from the christmas collection. It gives me chills just looking at it!

I always do a lot of layering on my layouts. A little tip to get layers is to use doublesided paper, which greatly all the Inkido papers are! :) My tip is to curl the paper up, with the wrinckled paper you get a bit of dimention and that makes it easier to create some exciting layers.

I hope everyone has a fantastic night and do a lot of creating! 


1 kommentar:

Zanka sa...

Great layout and composition, I love the white-peeled paint space:) such a well balanced design!