04 december 2013


What a great day for Inkido family!

We want to thank our 2013 Design Team for all their amazing work with Inkido . 
We were inspired and learned so much about paper crafting from our amazing designers. 
We wish them all the best as they move on to new  adventures. 
Please join us in thanking them for being a part of the INKIDO /Papercraft Scandinavia family!
As we say good-bye to our last year’s team, we’re super excited to introduce you to our 2014 Design Team:

Agnieszka Bellaidea 

Anita Nosova

Anupama Choudary


Cathrine Sandvik

Elena Smoktunova

Heidi Augustson

Helen Tilbury

Hera Sugitani

 Irena Kowalczyk

Karin Zander 

Karita Vainio

Lindy Gillespie

Nataliya Serova

Petra Petraso Gustavsson

Renea Harrison

Romy Veul


 Stéphanie PAPIN

Stina Westbom

Ulrika Blomfelt

Yasmin Tölche

We can’t wait to share their amazing work with you. We know

 you’ll be blown away by all their talent!

Please visit us for our Blog Hop in the very first days of January

 2014 to find out more about our designers!

Please visit also our new challenge for December!

15 kommentarer:

Elena Volchkova sa...

My congratulations! :)

Patricia sa...

Congratulations to all the girls who made the Team...some amazing work that was shown!!! Do enjoy the new journey!

Sandra sa...

Wow what a great team, congratulations to everyone.

Marília Lopes sa...

Congrats ladies!!!
So many dear friends here, very happy to see them!!
Hera Sugitani em especial, parabéns querida!!!
Muito orgulhosa em ver voce aqui...sucesso amiga!!!!

Unknown sa...

congrats ladies! You'll do wonderful wonderful work with Inkido! Can' wait to see your creations!

Stephi sa...

what a Nice team! Congratulations to all of you

Galina Sazonova sa...

Анита, Лена, поздравляю!)

reneabouquets sa...

So many talented women!! What an honor it is to be a part of this team :)

Hera sa...

Thanks so much to let me be part of this great family!!! I'm so much happy and grateful for this opportunity! I wish everybody much luck and inspiration!!!
Kisses qith love from Brazil...

Eila Sandberg sa...

Whohooo! I'm first to congratulate this fabulous team!! so many friends and familiar faces, talk about awesomeness! have fun all of ya!! xoxox

Naiara sa...

A lot of talent on this team!
Too happy to have a Brazilian here!
Congratulations to all of you ...
Very successful in this endeavor!

Giorgia Rossini sa...


Ella Swan sa...

Such a lovely big team! I will share on my blog soon!! Thank you for choosing me & welcome to everyone!!

Jennifer Snyder sa...

what a team! what a year you will have!!!!

Bente Fagerberg sa...

So delighted to stay on for another term with all there awesome ladies!! Congratulations to old friends and new!!